Dream car

This time, we decided to ask Polyformers to make us dream by talking about their dream cars. Are they prestige vehicles? Do they already own this pearl? Let’s find out!

Paul – Quality control

Polyform - Employé

Paul has always been reasonable in regards to his vehicle selections. His key criterion is reliability, not the pleasure of driving. He has been favoring small economical Japanese cars. However, for as long as he can remember, the vehicle that had him dreaming by its classic, emblematic and always fashionable characteristics is the Porsche 911. He believes he could settle for the all-wheel drive turbo model!


Geneviève C. – Transport

Polyform - Employé

Who better than the leader of a transport team to dream of a beautiful Jeep Wrangler? This vehicle represents freedom, strength, robustness and adventure! Geneviève has been dreaming about owning one since she obtained her driver’s licence. Even though she doesn’t own one, she had the opportunity to drive one for a whole day, and she remembers it as if it were yesterday! It was in May 2015, and despite a -15 degrees temperature, the roof was off and the music maxed out!

Martin – Production

Plolyform - Employé

Martin is really concerned about environment; it is the reason why he owns a 100% electrical vehicle. In fact, he is the first Polyformer to purchase that type of car. However, he confessed going green to feel less guilty about his other acquisition, another long-time dream: a snowmobile. After admitting this, he can sleep better and his conscience is clear!

Lucie – Administration

Polyform - Employé

As for Lucie, she does not have a passion for cars. What is important to her is that her vehicle allows her to move from point A to point B without worries. Prestige car or not, it does not matter! Any car will do, as long as it is safe!