Polyformers Hairstyles

For this edition, we will show you the flaming hair of some Polyformers. They all have a unique hairstyle and each reflects their personality. Will you guess their kind of personality?

Catherine – Customer Experience

Polyform - employee

Catherine loves to express her creativity through her hairstyles. Although, her biggest madness she did during the summer is dyeing her hair in pink! She loves the colorful and joyful sides of it. Her philosophy is: “To change hairstyles is therapeutic and it costs less than a psychologist!”

Sylvie – IT

Polyform - employee

Sylvie’s conservative side shows through her hairstyle. Indeed, she loves changes in several spheres of her life, but when it comes to her hair, she loves very little change. That’s why her hair stayed the same for at least the last twenty years!

Guillaume – Development

Polyform - employee

For Guillaume, it is rather simplicity and efficiency that prevails because he does not want to fight with his hair every morning! He considers himself conservative enough because he only had 2 or 3 hairstyles since his birth. Among them are the famous “mushroom haircut” and the “long haircut”. Generally, when he loves something, he keeps it for a long time, and this, to the dismay of his hairdresser because he always asks for the same thing!