When you build a new house, or move into a new place, it’s important to take the time to put it to your taste. For this spring edition, we will present you some dreamy construction and renovation projects done by our own Polyformers!

Benoit – Sales

Polyform - Benoit de Garie

Since he was a little kid, our colleague Benoit has always dreamed of building his own house. A few years ago, his dreams came true! He now enjoys the comfort of his house and the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

Polyform - Maison Benoit













Marie-Eve – Marketing

Polyform - Marie-Ève Danis

Seven years ago, Marie-Eve bought a house built in the 60’s. She had several ideas on her mind to make her house feel like home. The “before and after” picture of her kitchen is spectacular! She’s the living proof that we can always create our own miracles, no matter what awaits you!











Philip – Customer experience

Polyform - Philip Beauchesne

Philip loves to travel, discover new countries and practice his favourite sport: surfing! This passion has motivated the colour palette selection for his entire house. As you can see, the bathroom he has renovated is inspired by the Californian, seaside look!











Jonathan – Sales

Polyform - Jonathan Pomerleau

Jonathan and his family recently bought their first house. The house is rather recent, but the decoration didn’t meet his expectations. For this reason, he transformed his dining room into something trendy that’s more… 2017! It makes you want to spend quality time with friends and family in there, doesn’t it?