Behind Our Glasses

In this first edition, we picked a subject affecting many of the employees: glasses! Without further ado, here are a few stories that will allow you to know those who are behind these glasses better.

CATHERINE – Customer service

Polyform - Employees

I was in grade 4 when I learnt I had to wear glasses. I was not happy at all. At bedtime, my parents tucked me in bed and I was weeping my eyes out. When they asked me what was going on, I told them that I did not want to wear glasses because I was afraid to be as ugly as some people in my family!

Today, they are essential for my vision and style – I could not live without them!

DANIELLE – Administration

Polyform - Employees

My work is mainly around an office, and I had more and more trouble reading and writing clearly. After a sight exam, I had to accept that wearing glasses would now be part of my daily life. I am a businesswoman and I wanted a dynamic look in my image and in the company’s image. So I chose the “casual chic” style.


Polyform - Employees

I realized that I had a problem… Either my arms were shrinking when I held the newspaper or the menu at the restaurant… Or it was my eyes!

For the choice of glasses, I had a crush for the demonstrators; I tried two or three other pairs, but my choice was already made.

MARTIN – Customer Service

Polyform - Employees

It is difficult to say since when I have to wear glasses… In fact, I would have to ask my mother because, as far as I remember, I’ve always been wearing them! It’s been part of my life since my early age. I recently had to change and I immediately liked those when I tried them on.

PHILIP – Marketing

Polyform - Employees

In University, I could sit down and study for hours without taking breaks. After suffering of headaches several times (I associated them to concentration efforts), I decided to consult an optometrist to realize, in the end, that my vision was rather bad!

I chose navy blue glasses for my extravert side, yet with a classic look for my introverted side.

CHANTAL – Administration

Polyform - Employees

Having had headaches for a long time, I decided to consult an optometrist who confirmed that my vision was definitively a cause of those headaches. For years, I had to submit myself to the likes of opticians and the results were that I never wore my glasses (which did not suit me very well). After about 30 years without wearing any, I ventured to select a pair I would like, regardless of opinions of other people. Since, I wear them every day!