Construction projects, whether residential, commercial, industrial, or institutional, have unique specifications depending on the customer’s needs. It is critical for the selected materials to respect those specifications, and isolation is no exception. Have you ever thought about custom insulation for your constructions?


An Expanded Polystyrene Custom Insulation Board

When purchasing insulation products, you expect them to be efficient, easy and quick to install, as well as fitting to your needs and technical specifications. It might be advantageous to go with expanded polystyrene square cut insulation boards according to your expectations. This ensures that every project receives the right product. These boards can be manufactured to the density and dimensions of your choice and can even be laminated with other materials to end up with a unique and value-added product.

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Why Should You Choose this Material?

Expanded polystyrene custom made insulation will bring you many benefits: this material has an excellent insulating factor, boards are lightweight and easy to handle, they are quicker to install on construction sites, and they save time and money. As it is simple to hot-wire cut the product to your requirements in a short time, specifications are respected. Graphite polystyrene can also be used in order to increase the boards’ R-factor versus other standard insulation boards. You can even push the limits of customization further by choosing the color of your product. With all those features available for your design, it also allows you to do savings: the price of custom products is usually advantageous.

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That being said, many material options are also available: from material containing a certain portion of recycled products to material with a higher R factor.


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