POLYVERT RECYCLING is entirely dedicated to plastic waste recycling. The collected plastic wastes are reused in several products, such as insulation formworks, or redistributed in the market as raw materials.

The materials recycled by this plant are: High density polyethylene (#2), low density polyethylene (#4), polypropylene (#5) and polystyrene (#6). However, before we recycle your plastic wastes, it is important to:

1. Remove all wrapping and labels

2. Peel off adhesive tapes

3. Remove all materials, other than plastics, such as nails, wood, metals, etc.

4. Rinse all residue (if necessary) to maximize the quality of the recycled material

All plastics received at POLYVERT RECYCLING are recycled and enhanced. They are integrated in different products, depending on their plastic composition. For example, recycled plastics can be used to make lightweight fill blocks, insulation boards for various buildings, insulated concrete forms and more.

Polyform - Enhancement Diagram

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