Some of you have asked what happens once we collect your expanded plastic. Here are some answers!

Recycling Procedures

Plastic collection and recycling are two important challenges. It’s important to take action on a daily basis as it allows us to recycle millions of kilograms of various plastics annually. This is why we follow a process allowing us to be efficient!


The process begins with collecting the material at collection points, your store, or your plant. Collected expanded plastic then goes to our plant entirely dedicated to recycling: Polyvert Recycling. Once it has been inspected to ensure the absence of any contaminants, the material is granulated.

Récupération PSE


Expanded plastic can be transformed to several different forms: it can be granulated, compacted, or extruded. Each process will allow us to reuse the material by turning it back to raw material.

Recyclage polystyrène


Once the material has been transformed in the recycling process, it can now be enhanced. Depending on its new shape, it may be used in upholstery products, various packaging products, lightweight embankments, and for production of rigid plastic. In other words, once expanded plastic has undergone transformations in the recycling phase, it will be redistributed on the market as raw material or as new products.

Valorisation polystyrène

Our Vision on Recycling

We believe in educating individuals in order to motivate them to adopt good habits for the environment that will also be positive for their health. This is the reason why we are committed to innovate, through our environmental division, by creating a sustainable solution. Our products go through design, collection and recycling, up to enhancement, making it a complete life cycle.

We invite you to take small every day actions to help us recycle even more expanded plastic!


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