Packaging is part of our lives, even more than we think! Virtually everything you buy is packaged with materials such as plastic or cardboard. Should everything be well wrapped up? No, but there are multiple reasons explaining the existence of packaging: product protection, life cycle optimization, expiry date delaying, etc. A fragile product, for example a computer, needs to be protected adequately to avoid any damage leading to merchandise return. Can you imagine the consequences if we’d stop using any packaging! Products would be carried over and over between the manufacturers, the distributors, retailers and customers:  The manufacturers would have to produce and repair their components all over again.

Economic and ecological

Let’s go a little further in our explanations. Let’s take a fruit: a delicious banana, freshly arrived from Costa Rica. No one likes to buy a black, crushed banana. However, it could happen if the fruits we order here did not have any packaging to protect them during transportation. It’s also true for electronic products: It would be way too expensive to pay twice the transport if the product was delivered in poor conditions at the very beginning. Don’t forget that these days, most packaging contains only recyclable materials. This is also true for expanded polystyrene, which is100% recyclable. Packaging wastes can also come handy for those who would like to reuse them for DIY projects.

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