We are getting used hearing about polystyrene as it is getting more present in our lives: think about coffee cups and food trays among other things. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is another product deserving attention and appreciation! Its properties, such as impact resistance, are different from EPS. Here are the main reasons why we like EPP so much!

Phenomenal memory

The most important difference between EPP and EPS is that the first one has a great shape memory. Unlike expanded polystyrene, expanded polypropylene is multi-impact: it won’t break or lose its structure under. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular in the automotive industry. Did you know that several components of your car are made of polypropylene? Indeed, sun visors, head rests and spare wheel compartments are perfect examples!

Polyform - components



We can do (almost) anything with expanded polypropylene; and that’s why we like it so much! Several protective helmets for sports such as hockey, cycling, skiing and more are made of EPP. This material is also ideal for electronic parts or any other part requiring multi-impact packaging. It can even be used around your swimming pool!

Moulage casque


You think polypropylene is bad for environment? Well, EPP is 100% recyclable. The raw material itself is made from only 2% material: the other 98% is just… Well: air. You can put number 5 plastics, no exception, in the collect container you have at home. Its really light weight make it economical on transport, it’s easy to recycle and re-use as new raw material, making EPP an eco-friendly material.

You need more arguments on why we like EPP that much? Let us tell you more…