Technology is more present than ever in our daily lives. It informs, entertains and educates us. It even creates jobs and way more. But keep in mind that technology products require high-performance packaging, for they are usually fragile and expensive to produce. To protect them, a few materials can be used and expanded plastic is no exception. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is the material of choice for this industry. Let’s discover why!

EPP and Electronics Requirements

Expanded polypropylene is known for its high impact resistance. It serves as a buffer for fragile objects and meets many stringent requirements in the electronics industry. This material has a low water absorption capacity and a very good temperature resistance. Your products will be protected from sudden temperature changes and will not be affected by water. This proves to be a major asset since electronics and water do not mix very well! The resistance to abrasion and compression as well as the high level of energy absorption also both define EPP.

Polyform - électronique

Expanded polypropylene, ideal for electronic products protection

EPP allows you to design a custom packaging or component that meets your needs. Why not develop anti-static trays / dunnages? If you are looking for already designed and manufactured packaging solutions, we have plenty of options. There are many protective corners models at your disposal. It is also possible to develop a custom solution made of rigid cardboard laminated and reinforced with EPP. You would have a multi-impact packaging.

For almost all electronic devices, high-fragility products, scientific equipments and other products requiring special handling, expanded polypropylene packaging solutions have to be considered. This material is regularly used for drones and other remote controlled recreational products. We can also think of small engines, computers, printers and many more!

Polyform - Électronique

Economic and environmental benefits!

The main benefits of using EPP are that you will save costs, that your parts will not be damaged and that your losses will decrease. Among other things, consider electrostatic shocks, temperature variations and impacts that can be avoided.

Sustainable development is an integral part of packaging solutions and electronics components made from expanded polypropylene. It is not only resistant and can be used as many times as required, but EPP can also be recovered and recycled.

Would you like to know more about expanded polypropylene, its benefits and how it can help you? Do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives. They will guide you through the whole process, from your first idea to your final product.