A proper roof slope can save you a lot of trouble. This is why it is important to choose the right product for a new construction or a renovation.

Polystyrene Blocks for Roof Slope Construction

We use expanded polystyrene blocks (EPS) to cut a product to the required inclination for your commercial, industrial or institutional project. This type of product allows a good flow of the water to the drain, which significantly reduces the risk of water infiltration and ensures roof durability. Expanded polystyrene roof slopes have many benefits, from the product design to the end user.

Benefits of Choosing an EPS Roof Slope

These products are a smart choice as they will provide several benefits, including:

1. Specifications Compliance

The product is designed specifically for your needs and complies 100% with your project and its specifications. This is also true for each of your projects: they are all different and require proper specifications. With custom-made products, Polyform can manufacture the perfect pitch so everything works, every time.

2. Production Speed

Once the ideal slope is determined and the product is ready for production, you can take advantage of our execution speed: these blocks can be cut in a short time, without losing accuracy.

3. Lightweight and Easy Handling

Unlike other materials, expanded polystyrene is known for its lightweight and easy handling, allowing staff on job sites to easily and quickly perform the work.

4. Material Strength and Resistance

Despite the part’s lightweight, it is very strong and resistant: density of expanded polystyrene ensures the product’s solidity. This material also offers a great resistance to water, mildew and moisture, allowing an extended life span for your roof.

5. Eco-friendly First

As products made from EPS are 100% recyclable and contain no CFCs or HCFCs, they are not harmful to the environment. It is also an inorganic and rot-resistant material, which is not the case for most slope options. It is also important to note that during production, fewer resources are used since expanded polystyrene is 98% air.

Save yourself too many worries during roof works by choosing a material totally adapted to your situation. To discuss your project or to challenge us, contact us.

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