In January 2016, Polyform earned the ECORESPONSIBLE™ Level 1 certification – commitment. This certification has allowed us to set up a concrete action plan to optimize our sustainable development management. Three years later, we aim to reach level 2, the performance level.

Our Steps for Obtaining the Certification

Upon obtaining Level 1 certification, we have developed a plan to establish our commitment to sustainable development. We have formed an ecoresponsible committee and we have established strategies to optimize our actions. The company has managed to improve its internal communication, to implement a responsible purchasing policy including the raw materials responsible management, to improve the residual materials management by using the 5R (rethinking the need, reduce at the source, reuse, recycle and recover) and ultimately to improve our energy performance. We have applied measures to all of our plants as well as our head office.

Recyclage polystyrène expansé

In 2019, we are making every effort possible to achieve ECORESPONSIBLE ™ Level 2 – performance certification. We have prepared ourselves to embrace change and now we are ready to implement actions and follow-up mechanisms.

To achieve this, we will ensure that our actions are implemented and that they respect the original plan. We will also measure and report our practices and our procedures progress. That way, we can easily see the improvement and the impact, meaning we can rectify if necessary. Finally, we are committed to focusing on communication. We will make sure that those affected on involved in any way in this process are informed and educated appropriately. We will have all the necessary elements to increase our performance for sustainable development management.

ECORESPONSIBLE™ Certification, What Is It?

The certification was created by the CID (Conseil des industries durables) to “respond to organizations that want to implement, gradually, ecoresponsible practices.” It improves overall performance at the economic, environmental, social and governance levels. Certification is divided into 4 levels: commitment, performance, optimum and elite.

Polyform - certification - Ecoresponsible

For over 10 years, Polyform has been involved in the sustainable development management. And we constantly innovate to optimize our actions and our impact.

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