We are committed to providing you with quality and performing products that meet your expectations. This is why our targets are clear:

Maintain and increase our expertise.

Increase our ability to meet market demand, with our technical innovation.

Increase our market share, as well as our customers’, through profitable partnerships.

Maximise products manufacturing and features to make them more cost-effective and satisfying for us, and for our customers.

Optimize the efficiency, autonomy, and flexibility of our resources with material and human means, as well as techniques adapted to requirements.

The responsibility to maintain and improve the quality of our products is shared by management and all of Polyform’s employees. Their formal commitment towards internal, customers or professional requirements is the key to success to our quality policy’s achievement.



Management defines responsibilities and authorities at every level of our organization to guarantee the efficiency of our work procedures. Implementation and regular monitoring allow for tangible results. This way, we can guarantee compliance of commitment towards our customers and shareholders. From there, we can improve and excel in our service offer and all of our activities profitably.