The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) hit the whole world and we have all been affected by these difficult times. A few months ago, many sanitary instructions were put in place to protect the population. We had to adapt and live with the consequences of this pandemic. Lockdown, social distancing, and wearing face masks are critical measures to follow in our fight against COVID-19.

Polyform Early in the Crisis

In almost every field of activity, critical changes have had to be made. At Polyform, we were no exception: We had to build measures and make decisions to protect our employees and customers. As every business did, we had to set up remote work system. Our technical support team worked exceptionally hard so that our employees can perform their usual tasks from their homes. Businesses were still open at that time, and we were able to respect government’s recommendations in order to protect our employees while remaining available for our customers.

Implemented Measures

Mid-May, upon businesses reopening, our employees came back to the office. In order to create a safe workplace environment, we implemented rules that must be observed by all. When entering the building, or exchanging documents with colleagues, everyone has to wash their hands.  All communal surfaces must be disinfected after each use. Those surfaces include meeting rooms, work desks, cafeteria, etc. Social distancing must also be respected among employees: a minimal distance must be respected when teamwork is required, and physical contact is to be avoided. In the event where an employee has any symptoms, they cannot come to work.

At the time of writing this article, the government made wearing face masks mandatory in enclosed public spaces. Polyform’s offices may not correspond to the description of these spaces, but the management distributed face masks to all employees. Those masks can be used inside our offices, or in any other places during our team members’ personal time.

Weekly updates had been made during spring. When the offices closed, consequences of remote work have been shared. In addition, training for new programs have been made in order to reach a better productivity and trust from users. 

Post COVID-19 Polyform

Today, most of our employees are back to their usual workspaces. Our team has been able to manage this crisis by remaining calm and professional. Therefore, we are ready to resume our business: all our teams are in place, and production facilities are back to 100%. We are ready to develop products and push the limits by your side!

If your business is back to operation and you would like to work with us, we are there to help you develop and manufacture unique goods. Contact us for more information!