Looking for sustainable solutions is the heart of Polyform’s priorities. The company, specializing in cellular expanded plastics transformation in Canada, is one of the firsts to rely on EVRgreen, which have considerable ecological benefits.

Canadians are more aware than ever about the impact of plastic on the environment, and all types of businesses are looking to offer ecologically responsible options for their customers. The plastic industry, a leader of those changes, is no exception. It is with this goal in mind that Polyform relies on EVRgreen solution to allow its customers to develop innovative products while respecting the environment.


Biodegradable Expanded Polystyrene

Low manufacturing costs, superior performance, and a source of recoverable energy: EVRgreen solution offers all the benefits you like from expanded polystyrenes (EPS), with the addition of a new formula allowing the material to degrade itself and get back to its organic form. While expanded polystyrene manufacturing requires less energy than other materials, it remains one of the least recycled materials in the world. Numbers show that 80% of material made of expanded polystyrenes are thrown directly in the trash and brought to landfills. With its six million kilograms of recycled plastics annually, Polyform intends to keep on doing its share to reduce the number of plastics found in landfills. It is with that mission in mind that Polyform relies on a complimentary method to their current offer, allowing plastics to become a completely organic material and reducing the number of plastics found each year in landfills. EVRgreen is the first biodegradable expanded polystyrene on the market, showing a 91.9% degradation on a four-year period, while standard EPS only degrades up to 5.75% for the same period of time. This characteristic allows EVRgreen to offer an ecological option, from the manufacturing to the product end of life.

In addition to its proven degradation, EVRgreen is recyclable. This allows giving the material a second life while reducing considerably the number of expanded plastics found in landfills.


Polyform’s Environmental Commitment

Recovering, recycling, and biodegradable raw materials are only a few of Polyform’s commitments. The emergence of biodegradable raw materials in the plastic industry is definitely what comes closest to the ecological offer wished for by Polyform. With the idea of always offering products aimed towards environmental respect in mind, Polyform is always working on improving its research on sustainable development. 

Biodegradable is an excellent solution. With that being said, the principle of this product is to tear down the plastics in microparticles, leaving some quantity of plastics in the environment. Our solutions, while ecological, were limited up until EVRgreen’s arrival. This solution finally allows you to align your offer to the consumers’ expectations’ explains Danielle Beliveau, Polyform’s president and general manager.

As part of its mission to continually offer innovative products that respect the environment, Polyform intends to pivot 180-degrees and to offer only the EVRgreen solution for your single-use products. This is also in synergy with the actions made in regard to our ECORESPONSIBLE certification.

To learn more, contact our sales representatives and discover the infinite possibilities offered by EVRgreen.