To benefit from the numerous opportunities offered by the combined properties of all different types of expanded plastics, Polyform uses many manufacturing processes which are constantly improved by our research and development team. This is how we remain amongst the leaders in the expanded plastics field and to offer our customers state of the art solutions. Our page about manufacturing processes shows the different manufacturing techniques depending on customer needs, which, combined with a smart material selection, allows going from concept to the end product.

An Infinity of Manufacturing Processes

The two elementary manufacturing processes are moulding, where pre-foamed beads are heated up with vapour under high pressure to fuse them to the mould’s shape, and the hot-wire cutting of pre-moulded large EPS, EPP and EPE blocks, available in different sizes and density. These large blocks are often used for roads and overpasses structures, for home insulation boards, and even under skating rinks and floating docks!

We also manufacture custom blocks conceived from prototypes in line with our customers’ requirements for size, density, raw material, and even the colour selection. Our moulded and cut parts can also be assembled with other components that can be designed according to your functionality and design needs. Polyform developed expertise in lightweight and high-performing components, which are critical to innovative and value-added products marketing effort.

If your project calls for it, the next step is the lamination of your part according to your specification and choice of materials. Many materials are a perfect match to expanded plastics, such as wood, OSB boards, metal, fibreglass, hard plastic, cardboard and air-barrier membranes. Laminating techniques offer many benefits as they combine expanded plastic properties to the laminating material’s property, ensuring a lightweight and cost-effective end product!

In addition to the previous manufacturing processes, we offer crystallization and texturization services! For select uses, it is a critical step as sometimes, everything resides in the finish!

Polyform: Your partner for customized solutions

Trust our experts to take charge of your project and deliver a product exceeding your expectations. Polyform has over 50 years of innovation and earned its lead position in the field of expanded plastics. Our customers are loyal because of the quality and precision of our products, not to mention our technical support team’s efficiency, allowing them to save time and money!

Polyform’s purpose is to offer you an all-inclusive solution suited to your needs. To understand how each new challenge encourages us to innovate, see our case studies. We believe that every issue has its solution, and we are proud of our achievements.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives to talk about your project ideas. We are always looking forward to new challenges!