With expertise in many manufacturing processes Polyform designs custom products that will perfectly suit your needs according to your specific standards. Expanded polypropylene, or EPP for short, is one of the raw materials we use.

Among its many qualities, EPP is a resilient material with a good shape retention memory, allowing for a significant reduction of manufacturing costs and increased product life.

Value-added Solution

With its physical properties and its versatility, EPP meets many fields design standards, such as automotive or recreational vehicles, food industry, sanitary, technologies, and many more. EPP offers many possible applications, no matter what field you’re in.

Despite resembling closely to expanded polystyrene, its shape retention memory is its most distinctive quality. This property allows the material to take the desired shape and retain that structure, without breaking or warping with time. It can also be used endlessly, which is a considerable added value when compared to other materials such as cardboard or ‘Styrofoam’. Thanks to its resilience, any packaging made with this material can be reused as many times as needed.

Expanded polypropylene’s shape retention memory and its flexibility are its most desirable qualities. It can also be used to fill in a space in a part, or in a product design requiring light weight and sturdiness.

EPP will also resist water and humidity; it will not contribute to mould growth. Therefore, it can also be used as a thermal insulation between two materials. As opposed to EPS, it has the advantage of not being affected by solvents, which is critical when working on lamination projects!

Ecoresponsible Design

Polyform obtained an ecoresponsible certification in order to put in place and follow processes respecting the environment. Moreover, one of Polyform’s plants is entirely dedicated to polystyrene and polypropylene wastes recycling.

Your solutions are designed in a thoughtful manner, with the will to respect the ecodesign principle. Our engineers always have in mind to deliver a recyclable or reusable final product.

Polyform Applied Solution

Expanded polypropylene is not only a packaging material; it allows for manufacturing costs reduction, installation optimization, and sustainability.

It’s the case of one of our customers, an energy transportation company who needed a solution to improve the installation speed of its drainage pipes in fields, while providing an affordable option for its customers.

Polyform suggested a solution consisting of custom EPP moulded product meeting the exact dimensions of the pipes to protect. Workers can now handle the product easily and conveniently, without using specialized equipment. Thanks to this new product, labour costs, risk of injuries, and the production costs per part all decreased.

If you would like to know how expanded polypropylene can be used for your products, contact our team.

A Personalized Solution for my Company

From the takeover by your sales representative to your product’s installation and delivery, no detail will be left to chance. We will guide you towards the best solution suited to the reality of your products.

Our relies on many engineers who work closely with our manufacturing team to suggest an optimal quality product. Our engineering department will analyse your needs with one goal in mind; present you with personalized solutions, meeting your specific needs.

If you would like to improve your products and take advantage of EPP’s many qualities, contact your sales representative today to discuss custom solutions.