Picking the right garage door is an important step, as it will have a major impact on your garage’s serviceability. You can choose an insulated or non-insulated door, but if you decide to have an insulated door, many options are available: let’s explore them!

Why Insulate a Garage Door?

Your garage door is a frequent access to your house and may have an effect on your electricity bill. Proper insulation can help reduce heating or air conditioning costs: garage doors cover a large area playing a great part in heat loss during the winter, and fresh air loss in summer. Non-insulated doors are cheaper, but they do not allow for energy savings. On the other hand, the use of your garage should also be another factor in your decision-making: if you’re thinking of spending time in it regularly, it would be preferable to choose an insulated door.

A few insulating materials are used for garage doors, but most manufacturers use rigid boards made of expanded polystyrene (EPS).

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) for Garage Door Insulation

The first thing you should know is that expanded polystyrene has a great insulation factor. It is used for wall insulation in houses and helps maintain their energy efficiency. This material’s insulation factor is stable and available at a more reasonable price than polyurethane, another alternative that can be used. Besides, it is easy to manufacture an assembly with EPS as it can be cut to custom dimensions and thicknesses. Not only does the boards’ rigidity allow for an excellent insulation and minimizes air infiltration, but it also gives the proper resistance and strength to the door. Expanded polystyrene is often preferred as it can be custom-cut to your dimensions and requirements.

Customized Insulation Boards

Our insulation boards are manufactured according to your requirements. This product can be manufactured according to your door’s dimensions, with the proper density. It can also be laminated with various materials such as metal, fibre glass, or others. For an even higher insulation factor, you can have your insulation boards made of graphite expanded polystyrene (NEOPOR). This material increases the R-Factor and consequently the product’s efficiency.

If you would like more information about garage doors insulation, contact our experts who will answer your question and suggest solutions adapted to your project!