The process of lamination on expanded polystyrene (EPS) has many advantages. This process consists of binding various materials together with adhesive products. The result is a significantly lighter weight and improved sustainability.

An Operation with Benefits on Many Levels

The lamination process has many benefits for companies with specific needs: lighter weight, improved protection, and major savings.

Lamination with expanded plastic, as opposed to other materials, allows for a critical weight reduction. In addition, EPS laminating allows protection for the second material, or even insulation, depending on the requirements.

For example, one of our customers uses laminated expanded polystyrene to replace a plywood part in recreational vehicle manufacturing. This simple change helped them maximize their costs and obtain a lighter final product.

A Process Combining Various Materials

The lamination process has many benefits for companies with specific needs.

There are different types of lamination for expanded plastics, which can be applied to various materials such as wood, rigid plastic, metal, fibre glass, paper, cardboard, or other expanded plastics.

In addition to the added value of a more complete product, the lamination process will help you save on costs as you will not need to invest on machinery, expertise, and lamination processes. When working with us, we take care of the manufacturing of components and their lamination.

Major Investment for your Projects

Polyform’s cutting and lamination plant has recently been expanded to implement new technologies and offer more storage space to maintain larger inventories.

Our storing capacity was a major challenge that has been keeping us from being able to ship faster. This expansion allowed us to increase our inventory volume and shorten delivery delays for our customers. Our specialized equipment allows us to automatize and improve the lamination results.

Our assembly department has also been upgraded with new automation technology to increase our manufacturing capability, and a CNC machine has been added to execute secondary tasks. We are adding these elements to our service offer immediately.

Thus, we are now ready to serve you even better for all your laminated product projects!

A Personalized Solution for your Company

To help you decide if lamination is a process that could apply to your products, we will make sure to take into consideration every detail of your project.

As our engineering team works closely with our sales and production teams, we are sure to offer you a solution that meets your needs.

If you would like to improve your products with lamination, contact a sales representative now to be guided towards a customized solution.