Discover the exceptional potential of expanded polypropylene (EPP) for the transportation of your automotive parts

You dedicated significant resources to designing and manufacturing automotive parts optimized for performance and durability because you know your customers deserve the best.  Keep up the momentum by partnering with Polyform, the Granby division of Polymos, to develop custom packaging solutions that will deliver the same high level of performance in transit.

Polyform has built a solid reputation for designing expanded plastic products that are custom-made to our customers’ specifications, and we pride ourselves in providing turnkey solutions from design to final production. This has made us a partner of choice in the automotive industry, where the unique properties of expanded plastics have numerous applications.

The Durability of EPP

Our automotive packaging solutions take advantage of the high impact resistance and shape memory of EPP, which allows it to flex without breaking and retain its original structure. These properties make it a reusable product over the long term, allowing you to reduce your production costs and packaging waste while ensuring optimal protection for your automotive parts during transport. Your most fragile and valuable products arrive intact at their destination. Morever, when the packaging reaches the end of its life after several years of continuous use, the material is fully recyclable.

If necessary, EPP can even protect your products from static.  In addition, EPP is a material that is very easy to clean. Made of 98% air, this ultralight packaging facilitates handling while helping you save on fuel during transportation, which in turn reduces your carbon footprint!

Custom-Made Dunnage Trays

Perfectly match the shape of your parts with custom-made dunnage trays. From initial design to final production, our engineering team uses state-of-the-art technologies to create a dunnage tray perfectly fitted to your automotive part, shipping pallet dimensions and other specifications. We will design, test and optimize packaging solutions with 3D CAD software, consulting with you at every step to ensure the product fully aligns with your expectations. We can manufacture a prototype using multiple techniques, such as the use of a 3D printer and CNC machining. This allows us to guarantee that the final design meets your needs entirely, no matter how complex the project. And because we make all the necessary tooling adjustments on site, we have complete control over the manufacturing process to quickly achieve the perfect part.

Our Added Value Services

When you are entirely satisfied with the finished prototype, count on Polyform to manufacture your dunnage trays in a cost-efficient way while ensuring continuous quality assurance. We also offer a range of turnkey services to make your life easier: for example, we can arrange the procurement of secondary packaging or shipping pallets, and even the delivery of your orders. Ask and you shall receive!

Our Custom Parts Process in 9 Steps:

1.        Design and conception

2.        3D drawing

3.        Prototyping

4.        Prototype approval and packaging

5.        Mould making

6.        Approval of the first parts

7.        Production, assembly and delivery

8.        Use of the product at the customer’s premises

9.        Reuse and recycling

Our customers’ satisfaction is our greatest pride, and we look forward to putting our expertise to work for your business. To discuss your project with us, please get in touch with our sales team: Montreal region, Eastern Townships region.

Creating your ideal packaging solution starts with a simple click!

Trust Polyform’s expertise and leverage all the benefits of our EPP dunnage trays:

✅ Lightweight   ✅ Durable   ✅ Custom-made   ✅ Reusable   ✅ Recyclable