We all remember going to the playground as children, the perfect place to socialize and move. The place where we loved to climb and jump down all the different structures. Today, kids are lucky to have expanded polypropylene (EPP) subfloors to protect them from being hurt in the occasional bad landings. This type of subfloor is quite popular in daycare services, early childhood centres, schools, and municipal parks. This material’s great absorption property reduces the shocks attributable to falls, minimizing short- and long-term injuries.

As we get older, our playgrounds evolve; many trade the ones from their childhood for sports fields. Those fields sometimes require synthetic ground, mostly for interior sports. The most commonly used material is once again expanded polypropylene (EPP). Installation of a subfloor allows athletes to perform better and to avoid injuries such as contusions, or osteoarthritis. EPP subfloors optimize shock absorption without interfering with the energy recovery happening while running. Whether you are going for a sprint, or a strong tackle in football, the risk of injuries is lower.

Where Is Polyform in the Subfloor Sector?

Our products offer a constant stability, spread evenly on the whole surface. This allows the sportsperson’s articulations for a better balance when in muscular traction. Moreover, the shear force caused by quick direction changes is absorbed by the ground, reducing the injury risk significantly, while improving performances. And you should know that spikes can be used normally on that material!

Another important aspect that might affect the athlete’s performances and health is the field’s temperature. Fields made of rubber hold heat during hot summer days and direct it straight to the players. They get hot, sweat more and lose more water. Dehydration puts them at risk for injuries such as muscular tensions, tears, and bone fractures.

Concerned Sports

Several sports require synthetic grass fields: soccer, football, tennis, baseball, and many others are among them. EPP can be combined with other materials to reach unmatched performance levels, and to render a more natural look to the synthetic field. Specialized fibres, various pinning heights, and adjustable filling ranges are some of the elements used to improve the product range. And as some sports require a ball to roll, many processes are available to allow a perfect rolling for all sports practised on synthetic surfaces. In short, it is possible to supply a surface perfectly adapted to the different requirements.

At Polyform, we master the material and can manufacture quality products to protect little ones and grown-ups. This shows once again that we are present in a lot of aspects of your life … even under your feet! We are proud to be a versatile company, present everywhere for you.