Innovation is the core of Polyform’s activities and the main characteristic differentiating us from our competition. By constantly improving our manufacturing processes to fully benefit from all possibilities offered by our diversified range of materials , we put the most forward-thinking, unique, and high-performance products on the market.


The best solution to reduce your packaging costs

POLYPOST is part of our tradition of excellence. Created by the assembly of solid cardboard and expanded plastic, POLYPOST is the best solution to reduce your packaging costs and protect your products during transportation, handling and storage.

Reinforcement offered by the external cardboard structure increases the expanded plastic’s resistance, giving it an exceptional vertical strength allowing you to maximize your storage capacity by stacking up to 6000 lbs of your products safely.

As many products designed by Polyform, POLYPOST is available in standard sizes, or can be custom-made. You chose the material for its thickness and the properties you need. And as always, we are there to guide you! Consult our experts to design packaging with the required size and properties to perfectly protect your products.

Here is a brief list of the expanded plastics used:

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), ultralight weight and shock resistant, makes it for excellent protection during transportation and handling.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) offers increased shape memory and an even better impact resistance.

Expanded polyethylene (EPE), known for its elasticity and its flexible strength, it’s the perfect material to protect delicate and luxury items.

These are not the only options you can choose from: we have a whole range of material to meet your needs, from water resistance to freezing grade. At Polyform, we have the solution to all your packaging challenges!


Reduce packaging. Protect better. Stack more.

Multiple benefits of POLYPOST™ make it the perfect packaging solution for many industry sectors:

·         Multi-impact protection

·         Non-abrasive packaging finish

·         Less packaging material

·         Increased strength to stack up to 6000 lb

·         100% recyclable packaging

No matter if you’re manufacturing furniture, electrical appliances, tool boxes, decoration items or any other consumer good, trust this packaging solution unique to Quebec for superior protection of all your products, even the most delicate. They will reach their destination without a scratch, and you will save on packaging costs while optimizing your storage space. You won’t find a better solution!

To know more, contact one of our sales representatives and discover the infinite possibilities POLYPOST and our other packaging solutions have to offer.

Keep in mind our products are recyclable and Polyform took the lead to ensure their complete lifecycle. Recycling at Polyform or in an ecocentre means making an ecological action!


Polyform, an ECORESPONSIBLE organization

Polyform, in partnership with Polyvert Recycling, has a complete recovery and recycling programme for polystyrene and polypropylene waste and even created its own recycling plant in 2012 as part of its action plan for sustainable development.

Citizens from Granby can bring their clean expanded polystyrene packaging directly at Polyform, at 454 Edouard Street, in the recycling bin provided for that purpose. Elsewhere in Quebec, individuals can bring their polystyrene waste in the ecocentres accepting them.

As for industrial No. 6 plastic waste, Polyform put forward many recovery programmes for larger quantities. Consult our available programmes for more details.