Reliable and Quality Insulation Packaging

The packaging and transport of your products should always be a priority to ensure that they arrive at their destination in good condition. For some products such as vaccines, medicine, and food, protection from temperature variation is critical. Expanded polypropylene (EPP) boxes are perfect for transport as they ensure your goods are properly protected and insulated.

In addition, due to EPP’s shock absorption properties, these containers can be indefinitely reused for more deliveries. Being able to reuse packaging allows for significant cost savings while being an environmentally friendly initiative.

Due to their versatility and properties, EPP reusable boxes are one of the most cost-effective solutions available on the market. They are manufactured to be lightweight, sanitary, sturdy, reusable, and highly-insulating: all crucial qualities for all thermally sensitive products.

EPP is a shape-memory material, ensuring the packaging will always get back to its initial shape: That is why, in part, that it is used in the automotive field. Even in the most challenging delivery conditions, this packaging option allows your products to get to destination in the expected state, assuring profitability for the supplier and the customer as the product return is minimized.

EPP boxes are custom-designed based on your needs and as a result can be used for goods of all dimensions, and with their 98% air composition, light weight is ensured.

A Key Material in Food and Pharmaceutical Fields

The superior insulation factor remains one of these boxes’ key properties, rendering them essential to transport food requiring stable temperatures such as fish, seafood, meats, or even ice cream. All products that need to avoid temperature changes can be delivered safely under stable temperatures during a long period of time.

The same goes for pharmaceutical products: EPP boxes become the preferred solution as, in addition to protecting from temperature fluctuations, they avoid bacteria formation because the material is non-putrescible. This material is ideal to transport products requiring stable temperatures, such as vaccines. Compared to other types of boxes, cardboard for example, EPP boxes make for a more ecological and economical solution as their cost is quickly maximized. Moreover, they do not absorb liquid nor give off a particular smell if they get wet, making them a sanitary transport option

Once they are cleaned with a specialized equipment, EPP boxes can be used over and over, as many times as needed. This important feature makes EPP boxes one of the most ecological solutions.

A Perfect Solution for Your Company

If conservation of your products is a critical aspect of their handling, EPP boxes may be the perfect solution for your company. Despite being more expensive than single-use boxes at first, EPP box costs are rapidly maximized as they can be used multiple times over the course of their lifespan. Chose a proven economical and environment-friendly packaging.

Our team will guide you towards an informed decision, respecting all your project’s requirements.

If you would like to know more on EPP packaging containers, contact your sales representative today to discuss about a personalized solution.