If you live in Quebec, you only have a few months to enjoy summer and its warmer days. And one of our favourite activities is without a doubt swimming! 2020 is actually a record year for swimming pools sales in Quebec. Our province has the highest pool per inhabitant rate in North America (1 swimming pool for every 16 inhabitant), and 43% of all swimming pools installed in Canada are in Quebec.

Swimming pools allow us to play relax and refresh ourselves during summer. But once fall shows up, it is important to prepare it for winter to avoid any breakage or bad surprises. Some critical steps must be taken for your own peace of mind. Here is a summary:

-       Clean your pool’s filter.

-       Lower the water level to about 18 in. below the skimmer’s opening.

-       Store accessories in a freeze-safe environment (to avoid any breakage).

-       Pay attention to:

        o   The bottom drain;

        o   The skimmer;

        o   The filter reservoir;

        o   The chlorinator;

        o   The pump;

        o   The heat pump.

-       Install winter cover (if applicable).

It is suggested to use your pool store’s pool closing kit and follow the instructions. You need to refer to the professional’s closing procedure to avoid any issues. The above steps are meant as guidelines only.

At Polyform, we developed an expanded polystyrene product line for swimming pools. Due to their lightweight and strength, they can be used as ogees, curbs, winterization kits and insulation. The most known and well-used line is without a doubt the skimmer closing kit. This is an essential! Some differences exist between the in-ground and above ground pools closing kits, but they both have similar advantages. When freezing, water expands and might break some of your pool’s pipes or other components. Polyform’s winterization parts are designed to endure freezing compression and avoid ice accumulation. Another advantage is that the external component of the in-ground pool’s skimmer will be protected with the specifically designed tray.

Expanded polystyrene parts are collected in our plants when reaching their end of life; we recycle them to manufacture new products.

In-Ground Pool Skimmer Closing Kit

Our in-ground pool closing kit includes a skimmer insert, consisting of two support blocks (PO-10-329) and a tray (PO-10-330). The PO-10-329 parts are inserted one after the other inside the skimmer before adding the tray. The latter protects the external part of the skimmer from the possible movement of ice during winter.

Polyform - Kit fermeture piscine creusée

Above Ground Pool Skimmer Closing Kit

The kit for above ground pools includes only two parts: insert (PO-10-324) and the cylinder (PO-10-324). As this type of pool does not need the tray part, installation can be made in only two steps: first, the cylinder is installed in the skimmer, and the insert is added to close it.

Polyform - Kit fermeture piscine hors terre

If you wish to know more about our pool accessories, you will find everything you need on the pools and spas section of our webpage! And if you would like to learn more about the steps for pool winterization, the following webpages are great resources:



Have fun getting your swimming pool ready for winter!