The skiver’s technological power revolutionizes expanded plastic sheet-cutting, all while rendering a flawless finish. This method allows cutting the desired thickness, as per your project’s requirements. As opposed to most of the other cutting processes commonly used, this process allows for a smooth and abrasion-free finish.

Machine skiver - skiving - Polyform

Innovative Technology

Skiving is the new process that will improve the raw material cutting for the realization of your projects. In contrast with other methods, this way of cutting the material will allow for extra-thin cuts, with a smooth and refined finish, while conserving material properties.

This technology can be used in many different industries such as construction, insulation and soundproofing, or even in the automotive industry. These are but a few of the areas.

Precise Technology

This technology, recently being used at Polyform, offers you a totally different finish and non-abrasive texture. Its versatility makes it possible to use it to cut different material ranges, including expanded polypropylene (EPP) and expanded polyethylene (EPE).

Different from the usual foam cutting method such as hot wire, skiving allows for a thinner product.

Skiving does not only stands out from moulding process by its cost, as you do not have to add the mould manufacturing costs, but also by its lower margin of error. When unmoulding, the error margin and shape variation increase. With skiving, you get a precise and guaranteed result with skiving.

Standing out from companies in the same field, Polyform offers this method to provide a manufacturing process meeting your needs and industry standards, while decreasing the margin of error from different processes with similar products. Skiver cut sheets can also be used for die-cut material.

Découpe au skiver - Polyform

Clever Technology

Thanks to its innovation and clever sustainable solution of the products manufactured, Polyform ensures that every project meets its ecoresponsible certification.

Products made with our new skiving process reduces loss: all cuttings are optimized to use the whole block with no loss, or plans are made to use the surplus material. Since sustainable solution implementation is part of Polyform’s mission, it is critical for the company to respect its established practices in terms of environmental respect and ecological design principles.

Skiver Project?

We will guide you towards the solution most adapted for the realization of your project, from contacting your sales representative to the final product delivery.

If you would like to know if skiving suits one of your projects and learn more about this process, the required delays, as well as related costs, our team will be pleased to answer all your questions. Our engineering team also has the knowledge to expertly analyse your needs!

If you are looking for thin cuts and abrasion free surfaces, skiver cutting process might be the solution you’re looking for!

Contact your sales representative for advice on your product’s manufacturing.