If you are planning a new construction or renovation of your home this year, consider taking advantage of the insulating properties of expanded polystyrene (EPS) to enhance the thermal comfort of your floors while improving soundproofing between floors. It’s a simple, effective and economical way to enjoy a quiet space while keeping your feet warm!

Say Goodbye to Cold Floors!

Made of 96% air, the Ekösteps® high density EPS tile is the ideal material to create an isolating shield under your floor coverings. You will find its insulating properties particularly useful on cold basement slabs: with a thermal resistance of R-3.25, Ekösteps® keeps floors up to 7°C warmer while retaining ambient heat throughout your home. By reducing heat loss, you will benefit from more warmth without having to turn up the heating, saving 20% to 35% in energy costs. This is good for the environment, and good for your budget!

Did You Know?

Polyform’s product line also includes UNIFOAM® insulation boards with a hydronic cut specifically designed for underfloor heating systems. However, for those who wish to combine the insulating and soundproofing properties of EPS while avoiding the comparatively higher costs and complexity of installing underfloor heating, Ekösteps® is the perfect solution. You will ensure greater comfort in your home thanks to a quality insulation product with multiple benefits.

Less Noise… More Peace of Mind!

The soundproofing properties of Ekösteps® ensure greater peace of mind by minimizing noise transmission between floors. This makes it the material of choice for condominiums with acoustic standards for floor coverings. With a field impact insulation class (FIIC) rating of 60, you can count on Ekösteps® to significantly reduce the reverberation of impact noise on floors. This is an undeniable advantage in maintaining a harmonious cohabitation, whether between neighbors of a condominium building or within a large family living under one roof.

Waterproof and Fireproof

Ekösteps® tiles are made with flame-retardant EPS to protect against fire. They are also hydrophobic and mold resistant, and include water drainage grooves in case of infiltration.

Easy to Install

Ekösteps® tiles are designed to be easy to apply under a finished floor covering such as laminate or ceramic floors. Their convenient 24 in x 24 in x ¾ in size ensures easy handling during assembly. With a dovetail locking system, the tiles interlock together for quick and easy installation. They also feature cutting guides at every inch and are easily cut with a utility knife to fit your room dimensions.

For a demonstration of how easy it is to install Ekösteps®, check out the videos below. You will also find an installation guide that clearly explains the steps to follow depending on the type of floor covering you choose. And as always, our consultants are available if you need more information. Use our contact form to get in touch with us, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about our products!