Have you ever wondered if good home insulation is really that important? Of course, it is! Have you ever been so cold that you felt your bones freeze in winter? Or been so warm that you felt like boiling? To reach a certain comfort level inside a house, insulation is key. At Polyform, we have developed many means of reaching a high-performance insulation for your home. One of them is used for continuous footing insulation. We named it ISOMAX®.

ISOMAX®, a unique insulation system in Quebec, is forging its position in the industry with its efficiency, easy installation, recyclability and economical quality. Installation is done directly in the ground and needs less digging, after which concrete is poured between both walls of the product. ISOMAX® brings many important advantages such as its insulation efficiency, money savings and environmental benefits.

Above Average Performance

Buildings insulated with ISOMAX® system demonstrate above-average performance thanks to the fully-isolated footing. As the latter is surrounded by the product’s sides, thermal bridges are minimized, and even eliminated. No matter the ground’s temperature, the concrete will not be affected. Additionally, ISOMAX’s® sharp ends keep the building structure free from the influence of freeze and thaw; providing an additional layer of protection. For the ground’s temperature to reach the structure of the building, it would need to bypass that end, which can’t happen under normal circumstances. The risk of cracking, and consequently infiltration, is significantly reduced. In a nutshell, ISOMAX® is used as formwork as much as insulation for the continuous footing.

Money Savings

Sadly, money doesn’t grow on trees; it would make no sense to let it slip out the structure of your house! ISOMAX® insulation boards will help you keep as much as possible in your pockets. Less excavation, little concrete in the spread footings, permanent insulation and a huge energy saving are all beneficial consequences for using these boards. As they are lightweight and handy, installation is easy, incurring lower installation costs. Ultimately, a properly insulated foundation reduces heating and cooling costs.


At Polyform, we have environment at heart. It only makes sense that our ISOMAX® insulation boards meet our ideology. In addition to being 100% recyclable, they are free from CFC and HCFC. Furthermore, the boards’ resistance to water and moisture ensure that no mould will grow on them. Another considerable advantage is that they are made of only 2% material … and 98% air!

To know more about technical product information, please visit ISOMAX® system’s page.