As part of our corporate social responsibility engagement to our community, we agreed to take part in a fantastic urban environment project. In collaboration with Alvéole, we installed two beehives on the site of our Concept JRC plant. The two hives will increase pollination in the Granby area. With pollination decline in the last few years, it is critical to remember its importance: thanks to this apiary, the bees will contribute to healthier and greener spaces for our community.

Urban Beekeeping and Pollination

Urban beekeeping creates awareness of the critical role bees play in food production. Bees are responsible for pollination of over 130 fruits and vegetables crops around the world, which is a third of our diet. Today, bees, butterflies, bumblebees and other pollinators population are experiencing a significant decline everywhere on Earth. This results in a lower plant breeding, decreasing the ecosystem’s diversity. This is why it is important to make practical efforts to encourage this natural process.

Pollination is the transportation of pollen. It allows plants to breed. This process is a crucial step for fertilization in the latter’s life cycle. The relationship between bees and plants is referred to as mutualism. The bees, by helping plants breed, can help themselves to the surplus nectar to feed themselves.

The Fear of Bees

Some people might keep from installing hives because they are afraid of bees. Many believe that bees sting at any given moment, making them an unpredictable species. Their sting might be known for being unpleasant and hurtful, but there is nothing to fear as they have only little interest towards humans. Their daily search consists in going from flower to flower in a three-kilometre radius, and to carry nectar and pollen back to the colony. The exceptional occasions where they might sting is when they feel threatened, or that their colony is in danger. In fact, when a bee decides to use its harpoon-shaped stinger, it has no other option but to leave a section of its abdomen, causing it to die quickly. Bees have no interest of stinging for no good reason!

Polyform and Alvéole: A New Partnership

As mentioned above, Alvéole is our partner in this project. Since its creation in 2013, this company installs beehives on various companies and schools’ yards. Its goal is to favour a healthier environment for future generations. With our partnership with Alvéole, Polyform allows citizens to reconnect with nature in the city, and to enjoy a more pleasant urban environment. We are proud of this program and are already looking forward to harvest honey in the fall!