Expanded polystyrene has many practical uses in everyday life. This ultra-light, waterproof, insulating and impact-resistant material is ideal for packaging products, such as food containers and protective packaging for household appliances. This means that it is normal to have polystyrene waste at home that needs to be disposed of on a regular basis. But what if your municipality does not accept #6 plastic in the recycling bin? Do you throw the polystyrene waste in the garbage? Of course not! People who care about protecting the environment can rest assured that expanded polystyrene is 100% recyclable!

Expanded plastics have a long life cycle. In fact, with the right eco-friendly actions, they can be reused and recycled almost endlessly. For example, the polystyrene protective corners used to transport your new television will become an insulation board to keep you warm at home! All you have to do is keep your polystyrene waste aside until your next visit to an ecocentre near you. Being a green citizen is easier than you think! And when everyone does their part for the environment, everyone wins.

Consult our practical guide to ecocentres and other collection points in Quebec that accept polystyrene foam

To help you quickly find an ecocentre in Quebec that accepts polystyrene foam, we have compiled a handy list by region. All you have to do is find the ecocentre nearest you, making sure to visit their website or call ahead to verify their terms and hours of operation. To do so, we have provided you with the contact information for each ecocentre.

Download the guide

Liste des points de collecte du polystyrène expansé (PSE)


Are you located near Terrasse-Vaudreuil or Granby? Come and deposit your expanded plastic waste in our recycling bins!

As an ecoresponsible company, we recycle 100% of the expanded plastic used in our internal projects. We also accept clean packaging and scraps of expanded polystyrene, which are reused in the manufacture of several products or reintroduced into the market as raw material.

You can drop them off directly at one of our three locations:

Polymos Inc.
150, 5th Blvd.
Terrasse-Vaudreuil, QC J7V 5M3
514 453-1920
By appointment only
454 Rue Édouard
Granby, QC J2G 3Z3
450 378-9093|
Open to the public 24/7
Concept JRC
1203 Industriel Blvd.
Granby, QC J2J 2B8
450 378-9093|
By appointment only

Do you have a large volume of polystyrene scraps to recycle?

We also offer businesses a complete program for the collection and recycling of large quantities of expanded polystyrene. Depending on the quantities you have and the availability of our trucks, it may be possible for us to pick them up for free. You can also make arrangements with us if you regularly receive merchandise from our manufacturing plants, because we can deliver your products and pick up your polystyrene waste as the same time. Please contact us for more information.